Our offer is exclusively for business customers / entrepreneurs and not for consumers. Orders from consumers can not be considered.

Business customers / entrepreneurs are natural or legal persons or legal partnerships which act in the exercise of their commercial or independent professional activities when a legal transaction is concluded. These include, in particular, industrial and craft enterprises, members of the liberal professions, business enterprises and authorities.

Consumers, on the other hand, are all natural persons who conclude a legal transaction for their private purposes. Private purposes are those which can not be attributed to their commercial or independent occupation (e.g., purchase of products for their household or non-self-employed occupation).

By placing an order in our shops, you declare that you are a business customer and not a consumer.

We reserve the right to check whether our customers are not consumers (for example checking the address data, the VAT identification number) in the context of your order, as well as before it is carried out. They also undertake our request to provide appropriate evidence, such as, A copy of a commercial application.

Explanation: These indications are required for the protection of consumers.

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