Ink Zone Perfect

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Drag & drop: straightforward operating with mouse or touch screen
With InkZone Perfect, Digital Information offers an interface between prepress and press that's equally powerful and economical.
First, the solution provides networked ink key presetting, so color start-up is accomplished in a fraction of the previous time, bringing a clear increase in productivity. What's more, InkZone generates a database of your settings, allowing corrections and continuous improvement in results over time. This makes InkZone Perfect a component that's indispensable on the road to a standardized printing process.

Consider the following: As you use InkZone Perfect, it compares the computed preset data with the corrected values during each press run. By reading back the values measured throughout the print run, the calibration curve for a given set of printing conditions can be continuously corrected and will gradually approach an optimum. When it comes to repeat orders, that means a further boost to the speed of set-up sequences, significant savings in paper, and a permanently stable, high-quality printing process.
InkZone Perfect: automatic adjustment of the linearization curves to specific printing conditions
Using the appropriate hardware components IZ Card, IZ Strip, IZ Tape, IZ eFloppy and IZ Wire, ink key presetting with Ink-Zone Perfect can be realized on almost all offset presses.
An investment in extending your workflow to the pressroom with InkZone Perfect from Digital Information is worthwhile. From the hundreds of printers using InkZone worldwide, experience shows the ROI horizon to be only a few months away.

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