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DI Move Spectro
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The on-screen display of the InkZone Press solution makes it easy and quick for the press operator to interpret the measurement results.
InkZone Move Press has at it's foundation an unique software solution which makes clever use of automation to gather color measurements quickly from a color bar positioned at each press sheet. To ensure accurate alignment, the measuring device rides upon a precision guide which is included with the IZM Press package. This allows smooth and steady movement of the Eye-One and results in dependable, repeatable data – every time. When compared to slower manual color measurements, IZM Press completes a comprehensive evaluation of the entire press sheet in just a few seconds.

Press operators have the benefit of applying any necessary corrections faster, and can focus their attention on decision-making and press adjustments instead of on data collection. With such a simple color evaluation process, operators can always have access to an up-to-date look at any deviations from target values or customer-approved samples. And since the entire system operates uses a full-fledged spectrophotometer, it is equally well-suited for controlling both process color and spot-color work.

True and Consistent Color Results

Press operators will appreciate how easy and quick it is to interpret the graphic display of the IZM Press solution. The software depicts the ink-key zones for each unit of the press, and provides the option to view either absolute color and density results, or measurements relative to target values. With the functions of density, dot area/dot gain (tone value/TVI) and colorimetry (CIELAB/Delta-E), InkZone Move Press is the basis for process stability, color consistency and adherence to recognized standards or specifications. And since IZM Press keeps a running history of your color results, you can easily use it to provide proof of quality records, or import the data from its native ASCII/XML format into analysis or statistical software for further evaluation.

InkZone Move Press supports all makes and models of printing presses, allowing operators to review measurements and make manual adjustments to the ink key settings. However, for prompt and consistent ink adjustments, IZM Press can be upgraded to a full, closed-loop control system (InkZone Loop), providing automatic, simultaneous regulation of ink key openings across all press units.

InkZone Move Press: the measurement parameters for all ink zones are displayed on-screen within seconds.
InkZone Move offers a comprehensive set of tools for color consistency and uniformity across the entire imaging process. With objective, measurement-based evaluation of the press-sheet color bar, InkZone Move provides a comprehensive approach to controlling all of the factors relating to quality sheetfed offset printing.

And as the industry's first, integrated aftermarket solution, InkZone Move has the capability to unite otherwise incongruent solutions from multiple system providers at each stage of the process.

In this way, the full process can be controlled using a single, comprehensive approach. When paired with the automation and affordability of InkZone Move, it's hard to envision a packaging or commercial printing environment where it wouldn't be relevant.

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