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Instrument independent, web-based color reporting

Real-time information about the difference between color standards and current print job quality
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The InkZone Report software package, available for X-Rite and Techkon scanning instruments, as well as Digital Information’s InkZone Move soft- ware, has been developed to analyze and display how well current press work matches print industry standards such as ISO or worldwide standards.
Now, color quality information can be accessed not only through local intranet network topology, but also by using a state of the art web server. InkZone Report has the ability to deliver print quality reports worldwide to different types of computer platforms by using a common web browser.

Measure and compare

In leading-edge print production, the ability to monitor daily output to meet international standards is imperative. InkZone Report enables the collation of color data on each job and verifies if current and post print run conditions are within the defined quality operating zone.
By automating the process of reading spectrophotometric and/or densitometric data, InkZone Report can store job quality information in a centralized SQL database. From this data pool, both single sheet and complete production reports can be generated in HTML file format. By clicking on the automatically created index file, the desired report can be selected and viewed on an unlimited number of workstations running a standard web browser (e.g. Google’s Chrome).
InkZone Report shows job target values and compares them against printed job data in the solids, (Lab and delta E), dot gains, mid-tone spread and substrate. The result is an onscreen “pass” or “fail” report for each print job. InkZone Report manages process colors (CMYK), as well as spot colors.

Printing to intranet or web

Based on HTML, InkZone Report 
delivers print color information 
as charts and numbers.

Graphics in InkZone Report are calculated from scanned color bar data and converted to HTML format. By clicking on specific spots inside the report chart, the user can immediately see the scanned color data information as mathematical figures.

By adding an Apache HTML web server, the availability of InkZone Report can be moved from local, directory-based intranet to the World Wide Web. This allows authorized users to have worldwide access to InkZone Report. InkZone Report measures the stability of color printouts and detects impact variations on print product quality.

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